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1. High quality
a)All Parts and accessories of our products are supplied by the domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers;
b)Selected high-performance li-ion batteries from BAK and Korea manufacturer
2. Technology Features
a)100% compatibility. Every battery has been tested on several different computer types to ensure the 100% compatibility;
b)High durability. Use cells of high capacity to guarantee good durability;
c)Long battery life. An intelligent managing program is adopted to extend battery life;
d)Long storage time. Oue creative self-dormancy function lengthens the battery self-discharge time, so the storage time is two times above ordinary battery's.
3. Quality Control
a)Dust-proof workshop to receive, test, check and pack all products, to ensure no static electricity and other disturbances, to guarantee the product quality.
b)Tested, checked, accepted and wrapped in dust-free plant to ensure without static electricity and other quality disturbances;
c)Software and hardware compatibility are completely tested to ensure good quality of the product;
d)Transportation environment simulation test, to ensure 100% functional and prevent any hidden dangers;
e)Tested on computers, simulating real environment in order to eliminate possibly blind spot.